Bonampak murals reproduction

Bonampak murals reproduction
Mayan leaders in discussion. One talks, many listen. Hieroglyphic text below. Replica mural from Bonampak, in Mexico City, Museum of Anthropology

Monday, September 4, 2017

Exercise 1: Explore the resources of the course and the use of Blogger

Practical classes Sept. 5, 6 or 7

Launch Firefox or Chrome

For the students in the first 5 rows:

First part (spend 45 minutes and then go to the Second Part)

Explore the resources of the course:

1) Practice groups

2) Schedule of classes and work plan of the course (make note of the dates in your calendar)

3) Blog of your professor (most entries have links to a Spanish version): NewsEntrepreneurs (items of interest to the class are published there)

For the students in the last 5 rows

Second part (spend 1 hour and then go to the First Part)

Creation of a personal blog in Blogger (it is helpful to open a new account in Gmail beforehand)

1) Publish a personal introduction post with your impressions about the first week in the University

2) Indicate in the comments section of this exercise the permanent URL of your introductory post.

Homework for Sept. 12 Theory Class

Read the following and make careful notes. 

   Orihuela, José Luis (2003), eCommunication: The 10 Paradigms of Media in the Digital Age, 2003

   Orihuela, José Luis (2009), What blogs are and how to stop mistaking them for something else,

- Rebecca Blood, 10 Tips for a Better Blog

***Come to the theory class Sept. 12 with some compelling examples of interactive media that you have experienced and why they are compelling to you. Send me links via email so I can share them and talk about them with the whole class.  

 Optional reading: 

 Professors of the Book, Students of the Smartphone

Your professor's review of Prof. Jose Luis Orihuela's new book, "The Media Since the Internet".